How it works

Learn about our straightforward loan criteria and easy application process to get the funding you need for your business or investment venture.

Loan Criteria & Process

Our loan criteria and application process are designed to make borrowing simple and stress-free, so you can focus on growing your business or achieving your investment goals.

Loan Request

To get the process started, a phone call will be scheduled to understand request.

Property Criteria

Commercial property must be in a major Texas metro-area. LTV Max is 70%.


Baron Creek will review and process your application documents.

Delivery & Acceptance of Terms

Your loan officer will deliver a term sheet detailing the proposed loan.

Accept and Finalize

Once term sheet is accepted, your loan officer will assist in retrieving final items. Once completed, a closing will be scheduled.

Close and Fund

We will close and fund the loan at a lender approved title company.

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